Suntory Corporate Responsibility
SUNTORY Lineage of “Mizu To Ikiru” 8分28秒

Suntory Corporate Responsibility
SUNTORY Lineage of “Mizu To Ikiru”
Since its founding, Suntory has continued to inherit a dedication for water, a spirit to take on new challenges for craftsmanship that harnesses water and a determination to contribute to the enrichment of our customers and society. We conduct various activities in our endeavor to create harmony with nature and society and will continue “living with water” in future too.

*“Mizu To Ikiru”, literally “living with water”, is the promise we make to our customers, and the voice of our philosophy. From here flow all our other brand attributes, and every facet of our business. We value the blessings of water, and deliver them as goodness that touches every part of our world. We protect water in all its forms. Like water, we change and adapt. Every day, we turn into something new.